Delayed Memories

Welcome to GreHack 2019 challenge. This challenge is composed of several steps. You need to validate step { n } to access step { n + 1 }.

You can see the progression of pwners in the scoreboard. The first three to complete the challenge will be offered a ticket for GreHack 2019 plus a sweet sweat (sic) - Edition GreHack 2019, and one of them will present (a part of) his solution during the conference. The first pwner to complete the challenge will have a Benefactor ticket, which includes dinner with speakers the day before (14/11/19). You can play in teams, but only one person will receive the prize.

For any question, you can contact us on twitter at @GrehackConf (#DelayedMemories), by mail at or on irc at, channel #DelayedMemories.